Vivienne Westwood soars to new heights

Virgin Atlantic have recently announced their collaboration with Vivienne Westwood to re-vamp their iconic uniforms. Richard Branson, president of Virgin Atlantic, explained, "In the ten years that our current uniform has been in use, we have seen several competitors try to imitate it. When we were in the process of selecting the designer for this project, we were first and foremost looking for a team that shares our spirit of adventure and who believes in challenging the norm to create something truly memorable."

Who better than dame Vivienne Westwood? She is known for her unique designs, sartorial skills and more recently her strong ties with environmental causes. For this collaboration, Vivienne Westwood has aimed to create a futurist look inspired on French couture from the 1940s, capturing Savile Row's sartorial heritage. These new uniforms, to be launched in 2014, will represent the glamour that Virgin Atlantic (and its crew) is all about.