Versace in Paris



Versace’s famed Avenue Montaigne boutique in Paris has re-opened its doors and the space has been re-designed based on ideas conceived by Donatella Versace in collaboration with the British architect, Jamie Forbert.

The boutique, which is distributed on a 350 square meter space, infuses the sumptuousness and tradition of celebrated Italian architecture with the dynamic and contemporary ethos that is Versace to the core. In a skillful game of contrasts that combines floors inspired by 9th century Byzantine churches with Perspex shelves and walls and brass fittings throughout, the new concept is the embodiment of the verve and magic that is at the heart of the Versace philosophy. The circular pattern on the mosaic floors is echoed in the curved walls which create a sense of movement and excitement, and the lighting was designed exclusively for Versace by Thierry Dreyfuss who has skillfully chosen to illuminate the boutique by strategically placing the lights in the display cases and shelving.

Said Donatella Versace: “Avenue Montaigne is a true center of fashion, and the perfect home for our new opulent and dynamic store. In his designs, Jamie Forbert has created a space where the new Versace comes alive. To me the store is like a continuing dialogue between our past and future and between Versace and our customers.”

The boutique carries both the men’s and women’s ready to wear collections as well as the accessory collections; when in Paris do not miss the opportunity to visit this wonderfully luxurious store that captures the essence of the new Versace spirit while losing nothing of the exquisite grandeur of Gianni Versace first boutiques.