Comme des Carrés - Hermès meets Comme des Garçons

In an innovative and fashionable collaboration, French houses Comme des Garçons and Hermès collaborate to create a new rendition of the Hermès scarf. Bali Barret, Artistic Director of Hermès women’s world, invited Rei Kawakubo, creator of the Comme des Garçons house, to lend her personal vision to the Hermès scarf. “This collaboration keeps in line with Comme de Garçons reflections on the relationship between creation and already existing objects,” said Barret.” Here, the encounter with the Hermès scarf consists of an application, or a graphic superimposition onto the house designs, thus creating new and unique objects.” The unexpected encounter produced two collections, each released in a limited edition: one, entitled Black and White, and available exclusively in the Comme des Garçons shops in Paris, New York and Tokyo in February, and the other, named Colour, reserved for the Dover Street Market in London and Tokyo also from February.

The Black and White collection reveals the more radical side of Comme des Garçons aesthetic work. It is made up of five scarves printed only in black and white, wherein the absence of color allows for the patterns on the scarf to drift towards the abstract. The Color Collection is made up of six creations presenting seemingly a mischievous slew of colors found in an ensemble various forms - rectangles, giant patchwork, gingham and stripes. Clearly showcasing the vibrancy of color as well as its absence through elegant yet edgy designs, these collaborations rewrite the traditional narratives of the Hermès scarf. “I have always deeply respected the tradition and craftsmanship of Hermès,” said Rei Kawakubo. “While undertaking this project, I was looking forward to the change that would happen when I added something to the beautiful ‘paintings’ of Hermès scarf designs. I think through the addition of abstract images, we have transformed the scarf and created something new.”

The collection will also be for sale online at from 6th February 2013 for the “Colour” collection and from 1st April 2013 for the “Black and White” collection.