Syrian Designer Rami Al Ali reveals Spring/Summer 2013 Collection in Paris

Yesterday, within the decadent Salon Pompadour of the Le Meurice Hotel, Syrian Dubai-based designer Rami Al Ali revealed his 24-piece Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. The show marked the designer’s third venture into the world’s capital for haute couture. Made of bold and sensuous lines, the collection was inspired by the post-World War I period of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby. 

Often referred to as the “roaring twenties”, this was a time of intrigue and drama as well as an era of newfound freedom. Women’s garments became less repressive and free, celebrate and exposed. Rami Al-Ali’s new collection goes back to this pivotal time and expresses the collection through a blend of distinguished hues such as cool gray, mocha beige and champagne bestowing a vintage allure to his elegant designs, while other dresses reveal bolder, fluorescent hues showcasing modern and more vibrant lines.

This glistening array of colors is further enhanced by an exquisite variety of fabrics chosen for the way in which they accentuate the female form. Materials such as sheer muslin, flowing lame and crêpe morocain endow Rami Al-Ali’s creations with a sense of graceful effortlessness. Other motifs found within Rami Al-Ali’s new collection are lines which pay homage to the Flapper-style of the generation through lengthy loose dresses as well as Art Deco references. Synonymous with grace and elegance, Rami Al-Ali’s new collection reminiscences a pivotal past moment in history and equates it with today’s present modernity.