Catarina Martins - stepping out in style

In the night sky, there are stars at different stages of development: small young stars, growing stars, red giants, and then, as they grow older, white dwarfs, brown dwarfs and even black holes. Brands are like this: at any time, you can see brands at different stages of their history, glowing with different intensities but all contributing to the scintillating world of fine products.

Catarina Martins is a footwear brand from Portugal in a growth phase. Founded in 1993 as a creative and production supplier to international shoe companies, its own Paulo Martins decided to create his own label, Catarina Martins, named after his daughter. Today their products, all made in Porto, are distributed in quality retail outlets throughout Europe, and they have recently opened their fourth own-brand store, in Cagliari, Sardinia, after boutiques in Porto and Lisbon. Italy is their largest market.

The new store combines the traditions and materials of the classically Mediterranean location, along with the minimalist simplicity that hallmarks Catarina Martins products.

Store details:
Via Vicenzo Sulis 19, 09124 Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Tel. +39 070 656 275