Alexis Mabille goes from Couture to Cointreau



- Coming away from the female form, Paris' shining young couturier Alexis Mabille is trying his hand at a different sort of silhouette: the classic brown Cointreau liqeur bottle. In doing so, the designer has created what he calls a timeless, vintage accessory.

Long regarded as a 'lady's' liquor, this limited edition bottle gets all dressed up in only the finest, care of Monsieur Mabille himself. Playing with the bottle's transparency, Mabille played with a mix of feminine meets masculine for a silver ribbon and bow tie motif.

Definitely a party conversation piece to bust out after dinner, Mabille likened the design process to dressing a woman, "it was an honour to be able to dress this curvaceous, amber-toned bottle which is such a refined symbol," he describes, "I was able to embellish it with these silver accents that light ii up, with the same effect as a hundred tiny reflective mirrors."

This limited edition bottle is available only in select locations, such as 10 Corso Como in Milan for €95.

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