Dunhill - the Camdeboo mohair blazer

Dunhill is one of those quintessential male elegance brands, along with the likes of Ermenegildo Zegna and Pal Zileri, whose apparently effortless brilliance in exquisitely tailored garments actually conceals a mountain of preparation. An example is the Dunhill Camdeboo mohair blazer, whose remarkable resilience – it's naturally crease-resistant – is due to the fibre from which it is made, Camdeboo mohair. The Angora goats of Camdeboo, a region of South Africa, eat just the tips of leaves on the Keru bush, which gives them a fine fleece. The first shearing of kid goats yields this particular type of mohair which is rarer than cashmere, and stronger than steel of the same diameter. The raw materials are certified right back to the valleys of South Africa. The blazer itself benefits from this fine material, and from the skills at Alfred Dunhill.

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Dunhill accessories fall-winter 2012-13