Alberta Ferretti Spring 2013

Alberta Ferretti spring/summer 2013 was one ethereal look after the next. Models sauntered out with slicked back hair against a screen that projected images of flowing water. This striking effect had us immediately thinking mermaids - Ferretti's take on the siren. This underwater theme was fluidly (pun intended) carried out throught the collection via tattoo effect gowns that had a lingerie-like look to them. Ferretti also revived the flapper girl looks which was made infinitely popular with last years' summer collections. The twenties were very much the crux of the show with sheer tulle column dresses reminiscent of Marlene Dieitrich and lightweight shift dresses in watery hues such as deep blue and sea foam green. Some of the gowns were a bit too much on the long side and one model suffered the consequences, tripping over her tulle, but thankfully not taking a dive down the runway. Lovely waterworks!