Bottega Veneta - An exhibition or Knot an exhibition?

 The Bottega Veneta bag 'The Knot' has reached its 34th birthday, and to celebrate, the company is running a touring show. It will reach Florence on 12 September at the Bottega Veneta boutique in Via degli Strozzi, and it comprises over 100 versions of the piece.
The Knot has long been a favourite amongst Bottega Veneta fans, and when Tomas Maier arrived as Creative Director in 2001, he created a new clasp in the form of a leather knot. The bag has been made in many versions, with correspondingly different names, such as the Origami Knot, the Jardin Knot (with leather buds), the Vintage Jewel Knot (with antique crystal), and the Memory Knot in kidskin combined with thin aluminium plate that conserves the memory of every touch of the surface. The Metal Lace Knot is made with two lacy metal shells with a sophisticated satin surface. There is a sterling silver Knot, and other versions in padded satin, and soft crocodile. Many of the models were made in limited editions of 100 or even just 25 units.

The brand has never kept an archive of these products, and so putting the show together was not easy. They actually had to go shopping in vintage shops worldwide and search amongst private collections. So if you're in Florence, take a look. It runs from 13 to 19 September, from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

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