Fashion's Night Out, Rome - 13 September 2012 - Giardino di Ripetta

 One of the events planned for Rome's Vogue Fashion's Night Out evening on 13 September takes place at Giardino di Ripetta, part of Residenza di Ripetta, Rome. The fashion evening will feature Paola Spinetti Jewels, Lady Stardust (by Fula, Carolina Turra and Giulia Colasio), and Fiorucci. Hair and make-up artist for the evening is Stefano Bongarzone, and a DJ set will be played by Pierandrea The Professor.

The fashion itinerary begins in the foyer of Residenza di Ripetta, with an exhibition of silver and bronze jewellery by Paola Spinetti. In the garden, an interactive photography set inspired by Andy Warhol's Factory will be staged by the three women who make up the trio Lady Stardust, in a project that combines music and fashion. And the evening will see the return of a historic fashion brand: Fiorucci, in a lounge setting that depicts the brand's lifestyle concept of rebellion against the dicta of classic fashion.

This event represents the start of a series of 'Aperitif into the Garden' events promoted in Giardino di Ripetta. Aperitifs here always attract attention as a result of the garden's beauty and the magical atmosphere it generates.

In summary: Vogue Fashion's Night Out, 13 September 2012, Giardino di Ripetta, Via di Ripetta 231, Rome.