Olympic gold medallist Jessica Ennis celebrates in Alexander McQueen



Jessica Ennis has plenty to be happy about, she's won the first Olympic gold medal in the Heptathlon compeition in 12 years, she's set to get married next year and she has sponsorship deals with Adidas, BP, Aviva, Omega, British Airways, P&G, Powerade and Jaguar (who gave her a free car last year).

For all her accomplishments in the past days at the Velodrome, a good pampering was in order for the athlete. Before hitting the Omega House 'Athletics Night' party last night, she hit a salon to get her hair and makeup done for the event. Beauty and style have been interesting topics at these Olympics where female athletes' manicures have come under the spotlight (check out the silver & black Union Jack on Ennis' hairdresser, above right).

For her big society appearance Ennis went for a British fashion house, sporting a short coral dress from Alexander McQueen's spring/summer 2012 collection. She definitely looks like a winner to us!

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