Coach gets mother & daughter to dish out $44M



NEW YORK - Usually when a mother gets her daughter a Coach bag, it's a happy occasion - except when that mother is manufacturing hundreds of fake Coach bags and then selling them online with her daughter to turn a profit.

This is the case with Linda Allen, a repeat offender in the counterfeit fashion industry, having been previously charged by Chanel in 2007 for the same crime. This time, a New York judge decided on a more crippling verdict to deter Allen and her daughter from testing the waters a third time.


In her ruling, Judge Colleen McMahon stated that Allen had violated Coach's trademarks on 11 types of goods, totalling 22 different infringements, shutting down her websites and To make matters worse, these websites even featured disclaimers admitting that the goods they were selling were “not original” and that they were “in no way affiliated with the authentic manufacturers.”

In regards to the hefty $44 million judgement, Judge McMahon acknowledged the need for the severity of the punishment by saying "this award may be crippling, but it is plainly needed to prevent Allen from going back once again into the business of counterfeiting.”

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