The ultimate expandable luggage



LEAVING ON A JET PLANE - It's that time of the year when you're heading out of town. Before the beach and the killer tan, you've still got tothink about the baggage. We've tuned in on a nifty bit of new travel tech in the new Dror for Tumi collection.

The partnership with award-winning designer Dror Benshetrit marks the first external collaboration for Tumi. The result of 18 months of research and prototyping, this series of elegant, long-lasting, versatile products includes the first ever expandable zipper-less hardside case trolley as well as a two-wheeled case that allows for four different size options adjusting the bag’s depth from nine inches to 14, increasing its carrying capacity by 45 percent.

“I essentially set about designing for myself,” Dror explains, “I’m constantly on the go, carrying different things and switching modes of transportation—from an iPad to gym clothes; between quick business trips and the all-too-rare vacation; in and out of airports...More than ever, we expect our products to simply, effortlessly and elegantly fulfill all of our needs. Those that succeed become an indispensable extension of us and our lives.”

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