Trending in Italy: the Cruciani bracelet



TIPPING POINT - Luxury knitwear brand Cruciani has set off the latest accessory craze in Italy, but it's not their Sofia bag or elegant cashmere pullovers, but the unassuming yarn bracelets with their playful pattern and vast range of colours.

Every second person we see walking down the street has got at least one wrapped around their wrists, more than a few have up to 10 lined up to their elbow! The four-leaf clovers, hearts, locks, keys, dragons, butterflies and various other motifs are 'the' thing to gift and the line-up for them at the brand's Milan boutique on Via Verri has become a regular sight to see any day of the week.

The brand has  opened one dedicated bracelet shop in Verona and the way things are going, it's safe to say there will msot likely be more to come.

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