Gucci vs. Guess - the verdict is in!



NEW YORK - After three years of court disputes and comparisons Gucci is walking away with a $4.7 million USD settlement over an argued copyright infringement of its trademark GG pattern by Guess. The amount is a far cry from the $221 million the luxury goods brand was originally seeking, but it is a victory nonetheless. In addition to the cash ruling, Gucci has also been granted a permanent injunction barring Guess from using the Quattro G pattern, the green-red-green stripe and certain other square G marks.

In a statement to the press, Guess CEO Paul Marciano voiced his objection over Gucci's decision to take the issue to court, saying the two companies could have resolved the matter together with the involvement of a legal audience,“Gucci’s request in court was unconscionable by its scope and the amount of damages they claimed,” Marciano said. “They ‘forgot’ to claim certain trademark rights that Guess used for 23 years, such as the script logo and the court sided with Guess.” Marciano's words give me the feeling this is far from over...


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