Aquascutum - embattled in their trench?

On Tuesday 17 April 2012, British business paper the Financial Times reported that Aquascutum has moved into administration. Fashion entrepreneur Harold Tillman has been working to save the luxury brand following his acquisition in September 2009 from Japanese trading house Renown. Part of the brand's problems were due to his purchase deal, in which he sold the trading rights for Aquascutum in Asia to Hong Kong-based YGM Trading, therefore losing a considerable income stream.

Aquascutum is one of Great Britain's best known traditional brands, dating back to 1851, and famous above all for its trench coats brought to the public eye by stars such as Humphrey Bogart (in the black and white photo above). In a way, its recent history can be compared to that of Burberry, also famous for its trench coats and its classical style. However, while Burberry has enacted a spectacular renewal, Aquascutum has remained closer to its traditional approach.

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