New Fratelli Rossetti flagship - leather floors and limited edition shoes



MILAN - Situated at the very top of Via Montenapoleone by Piazza San Babila, Fratelli Rossetti's very first and arguably most iconic shoe shop re-opened this weekend with a shiny new makeover. Definitely worth stopping in, the renovation of the three-floor boutique is inspired by the brand's own fine artisan manufacturing process. It boasts ultra-luxe features like a leather groundfloor, a second floor dedicated entirely to new men's made-to-measure shoe services and sleek furniture designed by French architect François Murraciole.

In a statement, Fratelli Rossetti's CEO, Diego Rossetti said that he and his brothers are particularly fond of this boutique, " It was the first house of Fratelli Rossetti.. it is a point of reference for the Milanese, " he expalins. "With the new concept we wanted to create a boutique that represents us, that demonstrates our savoir-faire and craft. (We wanted) to show those who don't know our brand, the passion in fine footwear that we have fostered  for over half a century."

A limited edition women's lace-up shoe aptly named the Milano (seen above in four different colours) is also being sold in boutique

Fratelli Rossetti
Via Montenapoleone 1
Tel. +39 02 7602 1650

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