Gucci and Guess go head to head in court over the 'G' design



NEW YORK - A lawsuit years in the making, yesterday marked the beginning of what is shaping up to be a three week trial over a trademark dispute brought by Gucci against Guess over its reported use of the Italian maison's 'G' and diamond logo on its accessories such as shoes and messenger bags.

The court heard opening arguments from both sides. Gucci argues that Guess has made a profit of close to $200 million USD worth of their signature fabric designs from the intricate 'G' and diamond print to the red and green stripes.

“Guess is not Gucci,” said Guess's attorney, Daniel Petrocelli in the deference's opening remarks, “It has no reason to be like Gucci and it did not scheme to be like Gucci.”Petrocelli went on to highlight the differences between the two brands speaking price and quality wise, “Guess doesn’t slap a house name on a product, Guess screams its name, it surrounds you,” he said, adding later, “Gucci uses leather, Guess uses plastic, that’s why it costs 100 bucks.”

The repeated G has not been seen in Guess's past two collections, but we noticed that their men's shoes have a metallic G strategically placed on the upper - a similar trait to Gucci's use of the Double G on its men's shoes, as well as on personalized products.

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