Italian luxury brand Pineider opens in Shanghai



Pineider, the historical Italian high-end brand which produces exclusive leather goods, hand-crafted papers and luxury accessories since 1774, is opening its first flagship store in Shanghai, China.

Pineider started a few years ago the distribution of its products in Asia with a network of retailers in South Korea and Japan and now the Italian family-owned company continues to expand the international reach of its brands, with the opening of this flagship store in Shanghai with the business partner Shanghai Kingmax. Shanghai Kingmax is an import and export company which focuses on cooperation with the world’s top brands. Shanghai Kingmax currently has stores in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Hangzhou.
Pineider’s Shanghai store is housed inside the luxurious Yifeng Galleria, a century-old building set amidst the prestigious Waitan Yuan luxury hub that includes The Peninsula Hotel, Bund 33, Rock Bund, Qin Shui Ping Tai, Haungpu Park and Bund 27 as its key landmarks.

Yi Feng Galleria’s design incorporates five levels of ultimate luxury that includes global luxury brand shops, (Pineider’s store is at shop 209) and high-end concept stores. Shoppers have the exclusive opportunity to be pampered by a number of insider benefits and exceptional services, all designed to serve their discerning, upper-class lifestyle.

Pineider’s flagship store in Shanghai is designed on the Italian Pineider’s stores in Italy, and it recalls in particular the ones in Florence, in Rome and in Milan, with elegant and stylish black and white made-to-measure furniture. The shop’s layout was designed to highlight different categories such as the wide range of hand-made Pineider leather goods for business, travel and leisure, the fine writing instruments, the colorful boxes of exclusive Pineider papers, and dedicated areas for personalized stationery and accessories.

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