The Mulberry blog

There's some fascinating stuff on the Mulberry blog. Today, fashion editor at Grazia UK, Sophie Ferguson Jones, talks about the style trends for summer 2012, basically it's last summer's colour blocking, but with added pastels and nudes as well as some fluorescent hues. Some 1950s influence can be seen in crisp cottons, full skirts, knotted shirts and bomber jackets.

An interesting insight was one of the problems that magazines have in their shoots. Sometimes they only receive one shoe of the pair, because actual production of both only starts months after the preview products sent to the magazine. This means that the graphic team have to do some Photoshop magic to give the model two shoe-clad feet!

In the photo, the Mulberry Travel Day Bag, inspired by the vintage glamour of old travelling trunks and the heritage satchel shape, given a seasonal new look with hardware detailing, a braided handle, and sumptuous leather. Shop at