Monochrome by Ermenegildo Zegna - useful advice for men

"Grungy Gentleman" writes on, providing some great fashion tips featuring the cool and classic Zegna collection named Monochrome. 

"Beaches, BBQs, and outdoor concerts. Summer... Before we know it, we’ll be stashing away our winter coats and beanies for polos and bathing suits. And thankfully, the office vibe tends to loosen up. Your co-workers skip out early, everybody seems to be on vacation, and the office style becomes so lax, that by Friday people are basically in swim trunks. So if everybody else is adapting, let Monochrome help you step up your casual office look. You won’t skip a beat outside the office either.
Here are some pointers that will have you turning heads in the office...

Polo shirts are the common staple of business-casual office attire. Monochrome’s take offers sharp lines, creating a clean and sleek silhouette. When those components are aligned, pairing the polo shirt underneath a blazer is no problem. If you want to dress it up some more, toss in a pocket square. When a windbreaker jacket is this sharp, think of using it as a blazer. It would be easy to utilize this piece for its functionality in an outdoors situation. However you can transition the jacket into your office style without skipping a beat as well. Unzip the jacket and pair it with a oxford and necktie. It is a look that all of your colleagues will want to emulate on ‘Casual Friday’s.’ Plus, if you’re headed out to the Hamptons, you would be ready to for any occasion. And if it’s too hot out, swap the oxford for a t-shirt and use the jacket for its original purpose. Did we mention that the virtually weightless fabric is a pleasure to pack?

If leather is more your fancy, then swap the idea of the windbreaker above, for their water repellent leather jacket. 

Finally, what do men wear most often in summer? Polo and chinos. Oxford and shorts. T-shirt and jeans.
One shoe can solve all of your footwear dilemmas. Monochrome’s shoe is classic and refined, which allows them to work in an array of situations; dinner, meeting, nightclub, office, etc. Black goes with just about everything, so knock yourself out and enjoy. You are going to get a whole lot of wear out of ‘em."