Roberto Cavalli: fashion is strange and beautiful or horrible...

 Roberto Cavalli talks about fashion and his approach to fashion creativity in his blog. Here is part of his latest post:

"Fashion is strange and beautiful or horrible depending upon your perspective!
La moda portabile, the wearable fashion that we all desire? It’s not the fashion that journalists think they understand. Actually, they are trying to stay afloat in a world that provides them with a livelihood. Their approval or disapproval all too often seems to depend on the amount of the advertising that the Fashion House spends with the newspaper for which they write!

There is no objectivity. At the moment I am in America, so I must speak of American fashion… A FASHION THAT DOES NOT EXIST except in the sense of a tight circle whose views are dictated by VOGUE AMERICA and by Anna Wintour who seems to see fashion according to her age, her body and her sympathies!

She does not seem to like Italian and French fashion – the true Fashion!

Days ago I read about “Gisele returning to runway fashion” wearing a black leather armor from a fashion designer loved and encouraged by Anna Wintour! I do not want to name names… Every designer does what he can do, but fashion is part of our everyday life and the absurd is the absurd!

I’m talking about fashion in general, do not speak about me or what I do. I started doing fashion and for me it was my art, a way to express and give vent to my imagination. I do respect those who really do fashion! Some designers, mainly Japanese, know how to find new shapes and cuts that future fashion will use to understand and study!

My fashion will be in the world of creativity and color!"