Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2012



The ideal transition from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer is portrayed in the video of the new fashion collection by Bottega Veneta. It features a bright range of colours, interesting silhouettes, materials, handbags, jewellery... there is so much to explore.

The palette is vivid and saturated, based on lush shades of tourmaline, dark denim, and indigo. Blood red, Irish green, burnt orange, plaster, and chocolate brown heighten the vibrant mood.

Clothes have a sense of freedom and high spirits, achieved by means of extraordinary materials, unusual finishes, and exaggerated prints. There is a profusion of colours and textures with a strength that comes from unusual pieces that are beautifully made and not easily categorized.

For more information please review the Bottega Veneta Facebook page and the Bottega Veneta official website