Backstage at the LUXOS spring/summer 2012 fashion shoot



MILAN - Every spring and fall season the LUXOS team does a range of fashion shoots for our magazines. Our latest spring/summer 2012 shoot took place at the Four Seasons Hotel Milano, a stunning location with a prime location in the heart of the city's high fashion shopping district.
     (Gucci Garcon evening case)                         (Boss Selection holdall bag)

We had some of the most stellar brands in the industry on set, thus making our shoot wardrobe highly enviable! Here's a sneak peek at what to expect from our spring/summer issues, which will hit 5-star hotels in London, Paris, Germany, Italy, Spain, Istanbul, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, China, Hong Kong and Geneva this spring so be sure to check back to see the full shoot on our website then!

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Photo credits:model wearing Pal Zileri pullover and jacket (top left), model wearing Etro dress and Gucci ring (top right)