Hogan men's fall/winter 2012-2013



Hogan is quickly becoming one of the most stylish leisure wear options on the market. Sleek sports shoes and lightweight jackets were on display this afternoon in the brand’s sleek showroom. Transformed into a tech fantasy, guests were surrounded by wall to wall screens projecting intriguing and complex digital diagrams of the expertise behind the making of a Hogan shoe.

The Milan launch of the new men’s fall/winter 2012-13 collection could be likened to the unveiling of a new technology. Shoes were displayed like new generation computers in glass cases. Suede, nubluck and sheepskin coats hung from the ceiling with spotlights hitting them. Inspired by the realm of sport chic – think USA circa 1920, we were told that the logic behind the design was to create pieces that exude a ‘laidback elegance.’ This idea was instantly recognized in brushed and distressed leathers: a high-quality material, made to look as though it had been lived in for ages - a trend we like to call, new heritage.

Where men should where these pieces:

Weekend getaways
Work retreats
Personal training sessions
Casual evenings out

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