Roger Vivier shoe sells for $26,385 at auction



PARIS - French auction house Aguttes held a sale of the late shoemaker Roger Vivier's private collection. Unlike most auctions, this one was not so collector-friendly as the luxury footwear and accessories brand sought to retain the majority of the goods, which were put up on the auction block by Vivier's heir. The brand worked along with the French Footwear Association as well as local government so as to prevent the collection from being dispersed throughout the globe, affirmed Sabine Brunner, general manager at Vivier.

Roger Vivier and its allies managed to acquire 80 percent of over 340 item lots, among which included shoes made for Elizabeth Taylor and John Lennon. One shoe designed by Vivier in 1962 for Iran’s Princess Soraya, sold for a cool 19,750 euros / $26,385 USD. Prior to the auction, many pieces from the collection were on display at the Musée Romans, which has its own room and chapel specially dedicated to Roger Vivier. Most of the secured items will now be restored there once again, to be admired by generations  shoe lovers to come.