Gucci reopens Via Montenapoleone Boutique in Milan



MILAN - Gucci is reopening the doors to its newly renovated Milan boutique, located in the heart of the city’s shopping district – the golden quadrilateral. The decadent, 1,600 square metre space gets its new design concept from its ‘Jane of all trades’ Creative Director Frida Giannini. As an added bonus, Giannini designed a bag to mark the occasion – taking a cue from brand’s archive styles.

The model reinterprets a style worn by celebrities and fashionistas circa 1960s – seen in many a paparazzi photo from the era. The simple, yet elegant limited edition shopping bag is woven in cotton and fax ouk, soft and lightweight with a pigskin profile and a black oval plaque engraved with brand’s iconic crest and Gucci along. Engraved in the leather is the name of boutique’s city and street, the perfect collector’s piece for Gucci lovers.

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