New Kenzo carousels

The spring-summer collections by Kenzo are available in boutiques and online, and LUXOS presents five products in the men's and women's accessories collections, with links to the Kenzo e-boutique. The products express the brand's traditional accent on craftsmanship, symbolism and fine materials, with influences from various sources that combine fashion and other forms of art. In particular, the textured fabrics used in these products seem to look back to Creative Director Antonio Marras' origins amongst the rolls of fabrics in his father's shop in Alghero, Sardinia. He himself says, "What I admire in Kenzo is its modernity, this incredible blend of coherence and heterogeneity. I love this personal way of mixing genres and styles which are outwardly different, but for which the combination appears poetic and natural. Designing for Kenzo is a very strong emotion, a real challenge."

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