A new step for Roberto Botticelli

Bari, the capital city of Puglia, an ancient crossroads of the Mediterranean and a place where colours and flavours have a greater intentisty, has become the location of Roberto Botticelli's new boutique.

The revolutionary new look that characterized the brand's new openings in Milan and Madrid arrives in Bari, bringing a touch of minimalism combined with luxury and elegance to this new location. In Via Principe Amedeo, one of the city's most prestigious streets where history can still be seen on all sides, you will find this 80 square metre store, where design takes the stage.

The contemporary nature of its quintessentially Italian style incorporates a constant attention to quality typical of the Marches region's manufacturing heritage, while it also expresses influences from far afield. The results take the form of the unique and distinctive Roberto Botticelli products, and the brand's store refurbishment project reflects the company's skill in forging a new and original visual image.

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