McQ, Alexander McQueen's second line



The label Alexander McQueen has just announced its plans for the future of the more contemporary McQ line, which will relaunch under new direction with an Autumn/Winter 2011 womenswear collection. The team will be lead by Alexander McQueen creative director Sarah Burton, working with a group of designers headed by Pina Ferlisi. She wants the secondary line to maintain a level of preciousness, and not to simply be cast amongst the masses of disposable fashion – and plans to execute this through issuing limited edition pieces, ‘maybe as few as 10 of a style.’ To further cement their status as a young and edgy brand, McQ will launch a film instead of a look-book to showcase the new collection. Jonathan Akeroyd, CEO of Alexander McQueen, says ‘Because McQ is a new, fresh, and energetic collection…[we] will forge links with our customers through social media platforms to create a more direct relationship with them."

By Alexandra Berry & Natalia

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