Ports 1961 celebrates its opening in Hong Kong's shopping centre Elements

One of the first things you will notice upon entering the Ports boutique is its glow: Elements emanates a warm, golden light throughout the store. Gold brass shelves and stained walnut walls create an intimate shopping space, in which you can browse the complete Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, and try on some outfits in beautiful velvet dressing rooms.

Fiona Cibani, Ports Creative Director, envisions a global village in which modern luxury is expressed through a new culture of eclectic design and sumptuous materials. Every season, Ports 1961 presents stunning looks. For Autumn/Winter 2010, Fiona reinterprets the industrial age with a touch of romanticism and a dynamic silhouette. One-piece dresses play an important role, as they come in Grecian-inspired styles in solid colours or beautiful patterns, as well as perfectly cut A-line pieces worn with high belts and below-the-knee boots. Accessories such as closely-cropped hats, clutches and hair bands with metal appliqués, and metallic necklaces round off a sophisticated and utterly modern look.

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