Join LUXOS on a tour of marvels that stretch for centuries.

Art and design breaks from the confines of studios and galleries, taking hold of some of the world’s major cities.

Sustainable designer Christophe Machet transforms sewage pipes into chairs.

Meet the best up and coming designers from across different disciplines, based in cities around the world.

LUXOS had the pleasure to sit down with world-renowned architect and urban planner Stefano Boeri. Boeri tells us his vision for the future, the current identity of architecture and life on the red planet within 100 years.

 Ventura Future Presents: The Future of Landscape of Design

This is the Milan you see in the magazines: the soaring white marble magnificence of the city’s Gothic Duomo; the seemingly endless shops full of otherworldly treasures and, of course, the brilliantly dressed denizens. At first glance, the centre of Milan is a marvellous, old school delight.

Maurizio Lai designs vibrant light environments that foster sensorial experimentations.

The Fashion District’s Destination for Design.