Design Week Feature: Future Nostalgias
Published in Design

Ateliers creating new wonder walls.

Design Week Feature: Storytellers of Space
Published in Lifestyle

Architects Alon Baranowitz & Irene Kronenberg meet with LUXOS in Tel Aviv to explain how great design relies on a greater story.

District Special: L’Arabesque
Published in Spend

A new kind of concept store.

District Guide: Porta Romana
Published in Things to do

Discover the hidden treasures of Milan's Porta Romana.

District Guide: Cadorna, Sant'Ambrogio & Ticinese
Published in Things to do

Where past meets present in Milan's medieval heart.

District Guide: Porta Nuova, Isola & Brera
Published in Things to do

Get to know Milan's up and coming corners. 

Dining Guide: Duomo, San Babila & Quadrilatero
Published in Food and Drink

Coffee houses, artisan chocolate shops and elegant bars, Milan's historic centre prides itself on more than just a shopping centre and its impressive duomo.

District Special: Nilufar Gallery
Published in Design

The Fashion District’s Destination for Design.

Design Week Feature: Say Hello to Superstudio
Published in Design

Seventeen years ago design curator and fashion editor Gisella Borioli transformed the face of Milan’s design scene. By opening up the doors to her sprawling, Tortona-based warehouse complex to the city’s young, ambitious and endlessly creative designers, she started what we now know as the Fuorisalone. Almost two decades later, she’s still at it, curating Superstudio’s hotly anticipated Superdesign Show. We sat down with the prolific curator to reminisce on 17 years of groundbreaking design, and to find out what she has in store for this season.

Design Week Feature: Visionary Design at Ventura Future
Published in Design

What happens when 3D printing crosses over into the realm of gourmet cuisine?