Beautiful Installations at Ventura Centrale 2019 Featured

The most beautiful installations at Ventura Centrale 2019.

by Lavinia Pisani 09 April 2019

 The doors of Ventura Centrale are officially opening today and the 17 design installations are about to broaden your horizons, just like you would expect them to.

“I wanted to create a platform to showcase what was happening now in order to give the conoissor-audience an appetite for what could and would be happening tomorrow,” said Margriet Vollenber, founder and art director at Ventura Projects.

Celebrating a decade from their first event in Milan, the Dutch - turned international - phenomenon is capable of bringing forward thinking designers together with their visions which are capable of speaking to people’s hearts and minds. At LUXOS, we have taken a sneak peek on what’s inside the dismissed warehouses right next to the Central Train Station and these are the exhibits we strongly recommend you to visit.

Dai Nippon Printing - DNP

The debut of the Tokyo based printing company during Milan Design Week does not go unnoticed. Walking inside the warehouse, you will be amazed by the number of colourful material hanging from the ceiling. They feature the Komon pattern, a popular technique that is used ever since the Edo period and that is now endangered because of the deterioration and damage of the stencil patterns. With a 140 years history, DNP contributes to society by leveraging diverse information and printing formats that communicate both traditional and contemporary values.

dnpPhoto Courtesy of AtMa Inc


The flying dishman - designed (ironically enough) by Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout - is made of recycled plastic entirely. CEO Bülent Yokus says this has been nominated as one of the most sustainable products during design week. The lounge island features a cosy, entirely sustainable, bed. For the environment, but also for you. “We believe that luxury is about having the time to enjoy the good things of life” says Yokus. Sit on one of those and take a deep breath.

WeltevreePhoto Courtesy of Ventura Projects

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Get your ticket and wait to confess your recycling sinns inside of the confession booth. In the meantime, walk inside the space recreated by luminous cables to disconnect entirely from reality. Once you are done filling up your card, which is for questioning bad design, head to the sinn council and handle your card to see what comes next.

FreitagPhoto Courtesy of Das Bild

Marteen Baas

If FREITAG helps you disconnect from reality, Marteen Baas makes you feel overwhelmed by how much we think and say. Follow the “I think” signs and enter the multimedia dark room to walk out and write what you think that was. Sounds complex? It is, but all that matters is “I think it was art” and that “I was in Milan.”

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When entering the Lensvelt’s warehouse, dedicated to the Amsterdam-based furniture brand, your attention will be immediately captured by the beautiful lines, colours and shapes of chairs, couches, tables and lightings. However, it is only when taking a closer look at the FIVE table - taking centre stage in the space - that you understand how truly adaptable design can be. Featuring 5 colourful legs, this table is like a construction box that applies itself in different configurations based on the number of people, or on the unevenness of the floor.

lensveltPhoto Courtesy of Ventura Projects

We could go on explaining how Rapt Studio entertained us with #tellmemore, or how Humanscale developed ergonomy on the stage and how Tides feel connected with the universe, but it would be going too far. Ventura Centrale needs to be experienced in person and we highly recommend you do so.

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