SUPERSTUDIO: Big Brands and Their Sustainability Photo Courtesy of SUPERSTUDIO Group

SUPERSTUDIO: Big Brands and Their Sustainability Featured

Big brands showcase their sustainable innovation at SUPERDESIGN SHOW 2019 organised by SUPERSTUDIO group. 

by Naomi Vakharia 11 April 2019

This year’s Design Week debuts the new SUPERDESIGN SHOW, right as it nears its 20th anniversary. The theme of this year’s show is: Innovation and Tradition. A seemingly oxymoronic concept, SUPERDESIGN SHOW emphasizes the incomptability of its themes and furthers it with its goals. This year’s is to create innovative, eco-friendly homes that feature a synergy between nature and technology, despite their contrasting nature.

The focus on contrast is moved to the aesthetic arena as well. Furthering this emphasis on contradictory topic, the use of black and white as a main source of visual representation will be present throughout the show.

Not only are themes like simplicity and minimalism gaining momentum in the design community, but the concept of innovation and sustainability are hot topics right now. This was not overlooked in this show. Some of the most anticipated aspects of this event is to see how big brands are shifting their focus from efficiency to sustainability through innovation. Using design, social culture, and technology, well-known brands are leading the way towards creating sustainable growth.

Lexus International: Leading With Light

In collaboration with Rhizomatiks, Lexus International brings “Leading With Light” to its twelfth edition of the Lexus Design Event. Rhizomatiks is comprised of visual and media artists that are internationally recognised for their works. The two organisations created a visually stimulating light show to represent Lexus’s inspiration towards the future of mobility.

lexusPhoto Courtesy of SUPERSTUDIO Group

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LG Electronics: Redefining Space

LG Electronics redefines the relationship between space and technology with the first ever roll-up OLED TV. Its portable aspects allow for the user to design and maximise the space around the TV itself. There is an emphasis on flexibility with the surrounding environment seen with its adjusting light features. The display of the television can change based on the surrounding environment, which alters based on the external lighting conditions. This means the display can transition its lighting based on the time of the day.

lgPhoto Courtesy of SUPERSTUDIO Group

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Dassault Systèmes: Design in the Age of Experience

Dassault Systèmes focuses on sustainability in collaboration with Morphosis, the famed architecture group. This installation focuses on pioneering innovation to create change in our daily activities, specifically in mobility and energy-usage. This collaboration bore an exciting bridge between design and urban sustainability and created a path to its fruition in the future.

dassaultPhoto Courtesy of SUPERSTUDIO Group

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