Ventura Projects Press Conference Milan 2019. Ventura Projects Press Conference Milan 2019. Claudio Grassi

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Ventura Projects Featured

Tortona, and BASE Milan, will be the Ventura Future playground during Design Week 2019.

by Lavinia Pisani 15 February 2019

After 10 years, Ventura Projects comes back to Tortona, the neighborhood in Milan that has kept changing following the lead of the many creatives that contributed to make it the bustling and creative hab it is today.

Located in Via Bergognone 34, BASE Milan aims to become a lighthouse during the busy days of 9/14 April. After three-years of reconstruction, BASE inspires everyone “to learn to keep learning,” as Valentina La Terza says. Continuously transforming throughout the day, BASE will host exhibitions, workshops and parties for a 5 euro entry ticket that will guarantee access throughout the week as well as quality for both exhibitors and visitors.

Many are the plans, artists and installations that are about to turn Milan into the main star of the event. “We support Ventura Projects as a part of the bigger urban development project we are working on,” says Cristina Tajani of the Municipality of Milan. Also the founder and art director of Ventura Projects expresses her feelings about Milan being “the perfect environment” for hosting the event. “Milan not only embodies design,  the city lives and breathes its key principles,” says Margriet Vollenberg.

Ventura Projects Press Conference Milan 2019 photocredits Claudio Grassi 48 1Ventura Projects Press Conference Milan 2019. ©Claudio Grassi

All this wouldn’t be possible without the exceptional work of the talented and visionary creatives that this year will engage the public like never before. Designers will turn into narrators that want to go beyond aesthetics and truly leave something to the people. Be ready to interact with the artists’ installations this year because you will be an essential part of their bigger picture. This is the case for example of Rapt Studio that after welcoming you in a private space defined by lightnings and curtains, will ask you to leave a card to a stranger sharing a secret. Daniel Epperson - director of Rapt- says how the intention is for people to ”come in as an individual and walk out feeling a part of a human collage.” Head to Ventura Centrale, Space 5 to share your secret, and also to discover the 16 warehouses that will serve as exhibition spaces (7 more than last year).

Ventura Projects Press Conference Milan 2019 photocredits Claudio Grassi 53 1Ventura Projects Press Conference Milan 2019. ©Claudio Grassi 

Where do you feel at home? Is the question Danish-based Design School Kolding asks during the exhibition while visualising the relationships between personal objects and the ideas of home. Is it a book, a map, an astreight? The answers are multiple and endless.

Stressing the concept of objects being more than just object, Diederick Schneemann expresses it wonderfully. Cherished is his latest project of turning the weirdest of collections (think pens) into unique design pieces. There is no reason to waste the time and the passion that people put into collecting things over a lifetime and his talent is to imagine how to keep cheerishing them.

Ventura Projects Press Conference Milan 2019 photocredits Claudio Grassi 57 1Ventura Projects Press Conference Milan 2019. © Claudio Grassi

The list of artists and installations could go on forever. One thing is for sure, during Design Week 2019 you will learn the art of transformation and adaptability.


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