The modern, skyscraper architecture of the Singapore skyline. The modern, skyscraper architecture of the Singapore skyline. Wikimedia Commons

The World's Most Design Savvy Cities

Art and design breaks from the confines of studios and galleries, taking hold of some of the world’s major cities.

by 21 June 2018


High Tech Urban Development - Toronto, Canada

Toronto embraces innovation with the development of a new ‘Smart City’ by Alphabet’s urban innovation unit, Sidewalk Labs. The project aligns with Sidewalk Labs’ aim to rebuilt cities ‘from the internet up’, and will be constructed along Toronto’s waterfront. The new waterfront neighbourhood will be home to players of the cities tech industry and commercial and residential buildings. Additionally, the city conducted case studies to experiment with family-friendly urban initiatives with ‘Growing Up: Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities’. The project would lead to the development of larger high-rise units, comfortable for families.

Toronto 1

The Toronto Waterfront skyline.

Urban and Visual Arts Design - Dundee, Scotland

Dundee excels in not only art and fashion design, but also urban development design. Drafting of the Dundee Waterfront scheme began two decades ago, and the plan will instil crucial developments this year, including the opening of a new rail station. A branch of London’s Victoria & Albert Museum will also open this year, enhancing Dundee’s already vibrant arts and cultural scene. An existing institution, Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA) has been home to two contemporary art galleries, a two-screen cinema, a print studio and a visual research centre since 1999.

Dundee 1

Dundee Contemporary Arts.

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The New Design Capital - Mexico City, Mexico

The city named the sixth World Design Capital this year uses its abundant design talent in development. Mexico City is home both to world-class design studios like Anagrama and historic monuments like the ruins of Templo Mayor. New urban developments will include the design of urban gardens, parks and a bike sharing programme. The city is also home to a number of art and design museums, including Palacio de Bellas Artes, Museo de Arte Popular and Museo Jumex.

mexicocity 1

The front of Museo Jumex in Mexico City, Mexico.

Designated for Design - Singapore

This city-state is rich with modern architecture and sustainable, green areas. The DesignSingapore Council helps develop Singapore’s design sector, simultaneously enhancing economic and social growth. The council’s programmes include design education support and public events to make design accessible to all. The island is filled to the brim with art galleries, museums and studios, such as Singapore Art Museum and National Gallery Singapore.

Singapore 1

The Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

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