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Design Week Feature: Ventura Future

 Ventura Future Presents: The Future of Landscape of Design

by 18 April 2018

The latest event by Organisation in Design is currently underway at Milan’s Design Week. Situated in three exclusive locations, in Loreto; visitors are a stone’s throw from the famed Ventura Centrale and a five minute walk from the city’s oldest drinking establishment – Bar Basso. In this year’s edition, designers are showasing how they’re set to shape the future of design. In a world that is constantly changing, we’re faced with a number of political, social and environmental challenges and for designers, this is an extremely exciting time to make an impact in the industry’s history. In a hope to effective solutions that withstand time, designers have come together for Ventura Future in a collective voice.


Better Connected

Brooklyn based UM Project have worked together to showcase a more connected world with their project ‘PATCH’. The design studio are embracing connectivity and imagining a smarter future of us to live in. “Networks are becoming as familiar and friendly as the furniture in our homes – some kind of silent partner” they explain. While their project ‘Conduct’ features an interactive wall-covering product with conductive wallpaper and functional devices.

Big Brother is watching you. Design Academy alumni Jelle Mastenbroek have created a new interactive experience this year where the spectator takes centre stage. The intuitive installation will read and react to your eye movements, so be brave!


The Art of Consumption

Living in a time of advancement, consumption is in overkill whereby we’re experiencing waste managment complications – so much so, preservation has never been more vital. The Rubdish project exhibiting at Ventura Future is a visual concept of rubbish served back to you on a plate. Its name is a co-creation of designer and ‘rubbish chef’ Diederik Schneemann and food, fashion and interior photographer Aldwin van Krimpen.

Health Kick

Living a healthy life couldn’t be more apparent as the years tick over. Todays younger generation is never shy of tackling the issues of a humane health care system, and in an attempt to raise awareness, Ventura Future have worked with a number of select designers in representation of medical progress; Johan Viladrich, Nienke Helder, Gerjanne van Gink, Tamara Hoogeweegen, Alissa Rees, Rebekka Evita Strenk and Aurore Brard. Each designer is exhibiting their interpretation of practical solutions for patients, in reflection of health, wellbeing and human life.


Nienke Helder showcases the view on treatment of trauma-induced female sexual problems in a project aptly named, ‘Sexual Healing’. While, Johan Viladrich has taken his designs to the drawing table in a series of pragmatic solutions for the elderly

In light of this year’s Salone del Mobile, in collaboration with Isisiuf, the International Institute of Futurism Studies, Futurdome and Ventura Projects have organised the first ever edition of FuturDome Prize. Supported by Knauf-Aquapanel the organisation would like to award a prize to give support to the future of design. Judged by a distinguished jury the prize will be awarded on April 19th.

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