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After some down time? Do you like to enjoy whiskey and a cigar after dark, or take pleasure in innovative gaming designs? Let LUXOS' gentleman's gadget guide get you started.

by 07 October 2017


LEGO’s Architecture collection presents a level of expertise for a LEGO builder of some of the world’s most famous landmarks from the White House, Big Ben to the New York Skyline. Scaled to match the concrete giants these make for a great desk ornament and you’ll have fun making them too.

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Bose Headphones

Music on, world off. These noise cancelling headphones are seamlessly Bluetooth connected with up to 20 hours battery life. Put them on and feel as though you are hearing sound for the first time. Constructed with a lightweight glass-filled nylon, they make for easy travel with no compromise of durablity.

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Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

Slow start to your morning at the office? No problem. The Pixie Nespresso coffee machine is small and fast whilst also being eco-friendly. With a compact design Nespresso’s SMART range, make espresso drinking all that more efficient, with advanced features and innovative design.

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Linley Cigar Cutter

If you’re inclined to an evening smoke after dinner, you need a cigar cutter. The Linley cigar cutter, made from stainless steel with redwood detailing it’s a sleek tool for your cigar box.

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Percy Nobleman’s Ultimate Grooming Box

Hand crafted from the finest wood, Percy Nobleman’s Ultimate Grooming box is the perfect hideaway station for your desk, housing any grooming necessities you might need for that pre meeting groom or post work dinner date. The kit contains Percy Nobleman exclusive products; Beard Conditioning Oil, Beard Wash, Moustache Wax, Beard balm, Gentleman’s Styling Wax, a Beard Comb and Beard & Moustache Scissors.

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Arcahorn Chess Set

This sleek palladium chess set will make architecture enthusiasts want their game of chess to last hours. With the Buffalo Horn figures resembling works of art, when placed together appear like a city skyline you’ll be distracted from the game itself.

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