Kauri wood, the material used by Michael Beaupoil Kauri wood, the material used by Michael Beaupoil

Kauri's ultimate furniture luxury

Michael Beaupoil’s Kauri wood furniture: The ultimate luxury for your dining room

by 01 September 2016

When you ask Michael Beaupoil why Kauri wood is so fascinating to him, he has not one, but many answers. Firstly, he is excited by the history and origin of the 50.000 years old wood. For many years, the carpenter has been working with the precious material in his own workshop. Today, the impressive trees from New Zealand reach a height of up to 50 metres, with a trunk circumference of up to 14 metres. 1500 years of growth raise the tree to such a dimension. And that is exactly what caused problems in the past: Decimated by deforestation and slow growth, Kauri trees have now been placed under protection.

Ausschnitt1Detail of one of Michael Beaupoil's tables

Today, only recovered wood that has been blown over and preserved by the swamps may be used. These sunken trees are often many times the size of the biggest specimen measured today – grown for thousands of years, preserved for tens of thousands of years, then recovered after extensive search and diggings.

Often, Michael Beaupoil travels to New Zealand himself to select trunks and root wood for his demanding customers. The precious raw material is then being shipped to Germany and mainly processed into prestigious dining or conference tables. Especially appealing: Due to the massive diameter, even large tabletops can be manufactured from a single piece of wood.

Kauri-Wurzel-NeuseelandMichael Beaupoil selecting his raw material

The beautiful texture, the rich golden colour, the natural material and the fact that every piece is unique inspires not only Beaupoil, but also his customers that order furniture from all German-speaking countries. With the help of sample tabletops and display items, the carpenter designs each piece according to the customers’ demands. Then, it’s all about waiting a while: Because of the long sea journey and the elaborate manufacture, it takes several months until the tables are ready for shipping.

627695 original R K by Dieter-Schutz pixelio.deA Kauri tree, now under strict protection in New Zealand

Customers are especially keen on root wood, Beaupoil reveals. With its intricate patterns and unique natural appearance, it looks particularly interesting. The gaps that can sometimes be found between the roots are closed with see-through resin to make the board comfortably useable as a smooth tabletop whose look transports the observer into an enchanted forest.

Beaupoil’s dreamlike wood sculptures use the same effect. For these, he uses different materials, like vines. Razor-thin sheets of them are being applied to glass plates and lacquered. Then, the pieces are being illuminated from behind. The result is stunning: The beautiful wood grain of the sculpture shines golden and lively.

Rebholz-durchleuchtetA wood sculpture by Michael Beaupoil

If you buy one of Beaupoil’s individual pieces, you buy forever. Beaupoil makes the most of the sought-after quality made in Germany and the robust material. Here, extravagance and understatement are not mutually exclusive, quite on the contrary: The classical, simple elegance is what makes the furniture special and the incomparable wood shine. Still, they never lack that special “je ne sais quoi”!

Ausgrabung-Kauri-Wurzel-NeuseelandMichael Beaupoil with his chosen material

If you would like to become the owner of one of these fantastic tables, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Michael Beaupoil: His order book is rather full and the raw material is limited. This is exactly why you will obtain an extremely rare piece that upgrades every home and – given time – develops a wonderful patina. If everything goes according to plan, even your great-greatchildren will use this table for dining, laughing and living.