Montblanc Rouge & Noir, The Ultimate Serpent Limited Edition piece Montblanc Rouge & Noir, The Ultimate Serpent Limited Edition piece

110 years of Montblanc

Montblanc celebrates its 110th anniversary with some memorable, exclusive products



07 June 2016

When people learn that Montblanc was founded in 1906 in Hamburg, they wonder why it should be named after a mountain on the border between France and Italy. Montblanc first appeared as the name of a pen introduced in 1910, and the six-pointed star emblem was devised in 1913. The logo represents the six snow-covered glaciers of the mountain, and since 1916 it has appeared on every writing instrument that the company has produced. The head offices are still in Hamburg, and all its ‘Meisterstück’ pens are designed, manufactured and checked there before being exported around the world.

Today the mountain, 4,810 metres high, symbolises a vision of excellence, the pursuit of ultimate performance and the finest craftsmanship in all Montblanc products. Today, in addition to pens, Montblanc makes luxury leather goods and fine mechanical watches. CEO Jérôme Lambert is familiar to watch collectors all over the world, because before joining Montblanc, he successfully managed two of the most prestigious timepiece manufacturers of our times: Jaeger-LeCoultre and A. Lange & Söhne.

Montblanc MST-Soft-Grain familyshotMontblanc 'Soft Grain' family of luggage

Jérôme Lambert and the company have worked intensively to prepare for this 110th anniversary year. To celebrate, Montblanc has launched the Montblanc Heritage Collection ‘Rouge & Noir,’ The Serpent editions. It is an exclusive collection of high jewellery writing instruments, celebrating the pioneering spirit that has hallmarked the maison since 1906. The serpent, a mysterious creature, symbol of life and rebirth, has always been an object of desire and an oft-used motif in art and design, especially during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.

Montblanc RN-SE coral familyshotMontblanc Rouge & Noir 'family'

The most prestigious pen in the collection is a limited edition: just one piece worldwide, at a price of €1.2 million. Named ‘The Ultimate Serpent Limited Edition 1,’ it embodies all the expertise and specialist knowledge acquired from Thorsten Hering, who has directed the ‘Ateliers sur mesure’ responsible for Meisterstück limited editions for the last 35 years. The pen required 2,150 hours of work, and it is crowned by a 6.15-carat diamond in the exclusive Montblanc cut. Though it is a functional pen, this piece can complete with the most exclusive jewels in the world.

Montblanc red-gold-cufflinks sapphire ident115623Montblanc red and gold cufflinks with sapphire

Jérôme Lambert talks about the ‘Ateliers sur mesure’ with a lot of passion and respect, telling us that “there is an increasing demand for tailor-made products in all product lines of the house.” This is true of watches as well as writing instruments. Montblanc Manufacture Villeret, a traditional watch manufacture that continues the long traditions of the Minerva brand whose history runs back for over 158 years, is capable of making watches according to a client’s requests. Every year, from five to ten unique pieces leave the manufacture. On average a client has to be patient for 18 months, the time that elapses from the initial design up until delivery of the masterpiece, but what is 18 months compared to the rest of your life?

 First-RN-prospectthe first Rouge & Noir advert

The timepiece you wear is something very personal, like the writing instrument you use. In our digital age, it may come as a surprise to learn that today, beautiful writing instruments are in great demand, and limited editions are particularly successful. But nothing is more personal than a beautiful hand-written letter: your writing and signature are yours alone, and so they merit an equally unique pen. Timepiece and writing instrument reflect your personality more than most other products, and those bearing the white Montblanc star possess a rare capacity of taking you to a higher plane, the rarefied air of excellence and dream.