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Forget everything you think you know about house design. Meet Superhouse. Featured

One architect is on a mission to leap over any preconceived notions of what houses can be in a single bound. We sat down with Magnus Ström, founder of Superhouse, to discover his vision for completely unique homes.

by 26 April 2016

Our homes are our most valuable possessions. They’re our havens; our fortresses of solitude, if you will. If you have the money, your home can be just about anything you can dream of. But what about what you can’t dream of? It takes design and architectural flair to create homes unlike anything we can imagine. It also takes ambition – and one man’s new endeavour has it all in spades.

Introducing Mr. Ström

“Ambition, and how we respond to it, is what defines us,” says Superhouse founder Magnus Ström, also of Ström Architects. Having had his work celebrated in everything from the ‘Best Residential Property in Europe’ category at the International Design and Architecture Awards, to the ‘Future House’ category at the Global World Architectural Festival Awards in Singapore, Ström has set up a whole new company dedicated to creating entirely bespoke, entirely unique properties. It’s called Superhouse – and Ström has the confidence to back up the name.

“It’s not just about a design for a home,” he says. “We are ultimately creating a design which is a reflection of the client’s lifestyle. We don’t just provide the architecture; we provide the thought and process behind all the complimentary elements that go into delivering a completely unique Superhouse.”

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Inspired by superyachts

The Superhouse concept was inspired partly by the incredible superyachts designed by Dubois Naval Architects. Ström used to work in the offices next door to DNA, becoming friendly with Ed Dubois – sailing and discussing design with him regularly. Ström now intends to apply the same kind of ethos, scale, quality and ambition that goes into a Superyacht build, to luxury housing.

“Do you want to drive your speedboat into its own self-hoisting garage?” Ström asks. “Do you want to rotate your house to follow the sun throughout the day? There is no limit to what Superhouse can be or do.”


The only limit, in fact, is the amount of homes Ström intends to design under the Superhouse banner. There will only be 30 (“Superhouses are envisaged like a limited edition series of art or watches,” he says). Whether it’s a villa on a private beach in the Caribbean, a city pad in Manhattan, a horse ranch in Argentina, or a retreat in the English countryside – anyone interested in having a custom-made home designed should contact Ström and Superhouse sooner rather than later.

Superhouse-Boat-Dock-House-Big-Sky-ViewSuperhouse Boat and Dock House

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Creating a dream

Imagining a dream home is one thing, but putting the wheels in motion to turn an outlandish, extravagant dream into a reality sounds stressful. However, Ström insists the Superhouse concept and process is anything but. “We understand the pressures of time and commitment that our clients will be under,” he emphasises. “As such, we take care of everything – from dealing with consultants to hiring specialist engineers for each aspect of a specific project.

“One of the strengths of the Superhouse concept is that, by having us take care of everything, the client only has one point of contact. They’re never overwhelmed by a mountain of decisions.”


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Scandinavian roots

As Ström hails from Sweden, there’s an undeniable Scandinavian influence in his Superhouse work. However, it’s not only evident in the design aesthetic, but also the way of life “Form and function in sublime harmony,” says Ström. 

Natural materials that weather naturally, age gracefully, and require little or no maintenance feature a lot in Ström’s Superhouse designs. It entirely depends on the project though; Ström always ensures a Superhouse ‘sits’ harmoniously in its landscape.

“What’s most important is the feeling of being and living,” Ström says. “When you have a busy life and a hectic schedule, coming home is something that’s very special – you can completely relax. We’re creating the sense of home, tailored only for you and your family, presented in a unique, artistic way.

“Your Superhouse will be what you want it to be. When we respond successfully to your desires and complete a design successfully, the house is then a piece of art.”