Eggs by Versace Eggs by Versace All images © Peddy Mergui

Grocery items reimagined as luxury products

Milk by apple. Flour by Prada. Coffee by Cartier.

by 04 February 2015

Designer Peddy Mergui plays with value of prestige and the design language of majory luxury brands in his project Wheat is Wheat is Wheat. The Israel-based artist’s collection of design objects is a thoughtful, humorous reinterpretation of shapes, images and colours as they relate to major global brands and consumer culture.

Mergui pairs trend-makers like Tiffany & Co, Nike, Burberry, and Chanel with common grocery store items such as yogurt, fruit, corn-flavoured ramen noodles, and infant formula in order to play with the role of brand alliance and status affirmation.

Peddy Mergui's exhibition will be on display for EXPO MILANO 2015 which starts May 1st and goes through October. 

via Fast Company Co.Design