Karl Lagerfeld is the new Barbie, not Ken

Karl Lagerfeld - the new Barbie doll

by 18 July 2014

Karl Lagerfeld dressed Barbie in Chanel for US toy giant, Mattel’s 50 anniversary back in 2009, but now the man himself will be immortalised in plastic -  but not as Ken.

The world-renowned fashion designer is to be made into a Barbie doll as part of Mattel's Barbie Collector series.

Dubbed 'Barbie Lagerfeld', a preliminary sketch shows off a drawing of a Barbie doll clearly made in Karl's image.

Barbie will be dressed exactly like the 80-year-old designer himself - all his iconic designer's signatures are there – tailored black jacket, a white high-collared shirt, black skinny jeans, wide necktie, black ankle boots, fingerless gloves sunglasses.

The doll is set for release this autumn.