Ferrari designer gets his hands on a new model Asahi

Ferrari designer gets his hands on a new model

Ferrari designer lends his talent to luxury once again

by 23 June 2014

In the spring of 2017, Japan is getting a new luxury train.

Lending his aesthetic vision, Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama will help design a large luxurious sleeper train, which will be decorated like an upscale hotel, with glass-panelled windows and high ceilings.

Called “Cruise Train”, Japan’s newest design-to-be will accommodate a mere 34 passengers and be coloured in none other than champagne gold. It will also feature 10 cars including 2 glass-walled lead cars with observation areas, a lounge car and dining car.

In the mid-2000s, the legendary Ferrari designer supervised the design of several Ferraris, but now is giving the luxurious sleeper train a deluxe suite car with two rooms, one of which will be a two-story structure. The first floor will have two beds while the second floor will be covered with Japanese-style tatami mats. Each of the rooms can accommodate up to two guests. Besides the deluxe suites, five cars have been designated to house suites as well.

The railway company, East Japan Railway Co, is reportedly spending 5 billion yen (about 50 million dollars) for the project, which will carry passengers in the lap of luxury throughout eastern Japan and later the entire nation.