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Watch the FIFA World Cup on a 370” TV a price

So far, only one has been sold...

by 17 June 2014

The TV was recently purchased by a private buyer who prefers to remain anonymous, little wonder: since it cost 1.6 million dollars, making it the second most expensive TV in the world (after Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition retailing at 2.25 million dollars.)

The Titan Zeus is a standalone television, measures a whopping 26 by 16 feet, has 4K resolution, and the screen has a 4:3 aspect ratio, per renderings, according to the Titan website.

And what’s more, you will need to sit at least 50 feet away for optimum viewing.

The enormous 370” TV is made by a UK-based company named Titan Screens which first entered the TV industry in 2013.

So in case you couldn’t make it to Brazil for the World Cup, this TV will guarantee you the best experience…. at a cost.

A similar, ultra-widescreen version of the Zeus is planned to go on display at Cannes this summer. Mounted on top of the city's Le Grand Hotel, it will be visible from the entire bay.