No sharks just shrimp activity at a glass-bottomed suite in Bali

Experience a bit of land-water balance in a glass-bottomed room at the Bambu Inda Hotel in Bali

by 12 June 2014

Udang House, also known as the Shrimp House, as it is set over a freshwater shrimp pond, features a bedroom with glass floor panels, which highlight the underwater activity. Just shrimp, no freshwater sharks! With its rustic teakwood ambience, Udang House aims to create a “fishing village experience”, and features lamps made from authentic shrimp baskets and a random boat paddle and fishing net by the foot of the mosquito-netted bed.

Udang House is just one of the hotel’s historic houses, which were former Javanese bridal homes built by native Indonesians more than a 100 years ago. The houses were handpicked by the owners - Canadian-born jewellery maker John Hardy and his American wife Cynthia Hardy, relocated to Bali and restored in 2005.

Located on the Sayan Ridge, the houses offer views of the Ayung River, a Hindu temple and Mt. Batu Kau’s volcanic edges.


The hotel also lies next to a fresh water fountain that feeds its natural pool. One can even take advantage of nature in its true essence within the bathroom that features an open air shower and glass-tiled roof. The collection ranges from the mini-home style Kuda House for solo travellers to the stately Kuno House featuring high ceilings and the four-story Pagoda built with floor-to-ceiling windows on all four sides affording magnificent views of the surrounding forest.