Italian Police to drive Lamborghini’s newest super sports car autoblog

Italian Police to drive Lamborghini’s newest super sports car

If you are Italian and work for the police, you could soon be driving the latest Lamborghini super sports car

by 04 June 2014

Lamborghini has handed over a version of its newest super sports car, the Huracán LP 610-4 Polizia to the police.

The sports car was presented to the head of the Italian state police by the car maker’s president and CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, at a ceremony in Rome last week.

The sports car, which replaces the Gallardos used by the Italian police force since 2004 and 2008, features a 5.2 l V10 engine with 610 hp, and reaches top speeds of over 202 mph. The new police car will begin service within the end of this year in order to sustain security on Italian roads by continuing accident and crime prevention.

The Huracán Polizia is painted in “blue Polizia” with white stripes and lettering. Even the flashing blue light has been “aerodynamically optimised” for traveling at high speeds, and has a total of four sirens integrated into the front and rear of the Huracán, which generate unmistakable audible warning signals.

Other gadgets include its “Proof Video Data System” which can determine the speed of the vehicle being pursued and transfer its image to the police station, automatic number plate recognition and tracking, and real-time transmission of images to the control rooms. The Huracán is also fitted with the "classic" array of police equipment, such as a gun holster, police radio equipment and the ''Paletta'': the traditional hand-held stop sign used to advise motorists and traffic offenders to pull over.

Officers can then use a removable screen to show offenders their misdeeds immediately, complete with an overlay of all the associated data.

The Lamborghini is also used for urgent medical transportation. The luggage compartment in the front of the vehicle is equipped with a specialised refrigeration system for safe transportation of donor organs. For extreme emergencies, there is also a life-saving defibrillator.