Valsecchi launches more fairy tale furniture as part of 2014 collection

Italian designers Valsecchi unveil second fairy-tale inspired piece, 'Pinocchio on the Wall'


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02 May 2014

The one hundred year history of the Italian home desginers Valsecchi is furnished with concept of storytelling. When Giacomo Valsecchi began the company in 1918, his creations were a playful tribute to the characters in many well-known folktales. From the model horses and little wooden figures designed in the 1930s, to more modern, quirky ornaments in the 70s, Valsecchi has always been about telling a story through the pieces you pick for your home.

Valsecchi-1018 Pinocchio 1

It was with the history of the company in mind that Valsecchi launched the second product of their new collection, the first being last year's 'pile-of-books' coffee table. This year, the main character is the famous wooden puppet who dreamt of becoming a real child. 'Pinocchio on the wall' is inspired by Giacomo's poetic 1930s creations, which feature handcrafted wood objects and dainty, ethically sourced ornaments. As well as its wooden structure and mirrored exterior, the Pinocchio also has a nose (of course) perfect for hanging your jacket from. Debuted at last month's Salone del Mobile, he is available in a range of sizes from

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