Trussardi Fashion House launches Trussardi Casa

Milan Design Week sees the first complete design collection by Trussardi



10 April 2014

Although the Italian Fashion powerhouse Trussardi has been involved in design projects since the 1980s, the collection of furniture unveiled at this year’s Salone del Mobile is the first complete collection for the brand.

The collection, resulted from a collaboration between Gaia Trussardi, creative Director of Trussardi, Carlo Colombo, architect and designer, and Luxury Living Group. The pieces make up a group of understated, luxurious fittings. All made in Italy using the very best in wool, wood, fabric and other natural materials, the home collection is meant to encapsulate the classic Milanese style. When asked where she thinks Trussardi Casa fits best, Gaia responded that the pieces are made for sophisticated homes in international settings.

The collection is made up of chairs, sofas, beds and carpets and a few design objects to compliment the larger pieces. Perhaps the most talked-about object though is the Red A-Round chair in cracklè leather, which illustrates the modern luxury that Trussardi has come to be known for.

Trussardi Casa available to view in store at the Milan showroom.